Friday, November 12, 2010

Sick Week

This has been one of those weeks, where everything has been crazy! It all started Monday about noon. I got a call from Little N's daycare saying he was running a 101.7 fever, so I went and picked him up. He was so pitiful looking when I got him :( We got home, got some magic medicine ibuprofen in him and rested. About an hour later, you would never have known he was sick! He was running all through the house with his 4-wheeler and motorcycle (both mini sized) and acting like nothing was ever wrong with him. However, later that night he was running another fever so I made plans for him for Tuesday.

Tuesday he stayed with my middle sister. Thankfully she is a stay-at-home almost mom (she is due with a baby GIRL in April 2011!) so she is able to help me out when I need someone to watch Little N and have to go to work. He did pretty good on Tuesday and didn't run a fever at all!

Then came Wednesday. I got myself ready for work and Little N ready for daycare, we got all the way in and he did not let me put him down. He was so sad and pitiful and said he didn't feel good. So I made the decision to take him to the doctor. I made him an appointment for first thing and we headed there. Apparently, Little N is like every other male and even though he had just a bad cold (doctor's words), he was acting like it was much worse. Why is it that when men get sick it's always so much worse and they are dying, but when women get sick, we get a shot and get on with our lives? They are so dramatic! Haha!! Anywho . . . after the doctor's visit I took Little N to my youngest sister's for her to watch him. She has a 6 month old, so thankfully our other sister was going to be with her all day. That could have been a mess!

Thursday my husband was at home so he took care of Little N. He was still not feeling well at this point and had hardly eaten anything all day. Big N and I took Little N to my in-law's house Thursday night so he could spend the night with them and have my mother-in-law watch him today.

Thankfully, I talked to my MIL earlier and Little N is doing much better and seems to have his appetite back now.

So my week consisted mostly of leaving work, driving to 4 different cities to drop off/pick up my child, paying a co-pay for a cold, and paying daycare the weekly amount for only 4 1/2 hours of childcare! It sure is exhausting and expensive to have a sick child, but I am thankful that I am able to do those things for him!

Maybe next week will be a little bit more normal for us. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Just wanted to share a pic of Little N being silly!


  1. Girl, welcome to the world of motherhood, being sleep deprived, jacked up on caffeine,driving all over the world, wiping running noses, spending your last dollar to get change for a gum-ball machine, and still loving your life more than ever. I really hope that Little N has a much better weekend and you both get some rest.

  2. That is so true Brandy! I actually scraped my purse last night to get enough for a drink he wanted :) Thank you!