Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where in the World is . . . ???

Wow! Ok, so I kinda dropped the ball on keeping up with this blog before Thanksgiving. We have been super busy and I just got distracted with other things. I'm sorry. But as part of my New Year's Hopes (I don't do resolutions because I always set myself up for disappointment) I want to get more into blogging and be a better blogger!

So, starting right now you will hear from me much more often! I have been inspired by several people in the blogging world and a good friend of mine (although none of them realize it!) to keep up with it and *hope* I can continue through the year with it. I plan on participating in several link-ups to get more active and keep myself motivated.

Here is to a new year full of fun, adventure, new things, and most importantly Hope :)