Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fully Charged!

Friday night Little N and I were able to attend Magic Moments pre-party and the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

First I want to say a huge Thank You to Birmingham Magazine. They had a contest on Facebook for the tickets and I won! You should definitely check them out - they do lots of giveaways and contests and have wonderful posts and information on our wonderful city and the goings on around town.

The Magic Moments pre-circus party began at 5:30 on Friday night. This event was so wonderful. Magic Moments is a fantastic program in Alabama that fulfills non-medical wishes of chronically ill children in Alabama. It allows these children to forget about their sickness, medicine and doctors for a little while and just enjoy being a kid! You can read more about it on their website.

My little Tiger in front of the Tiger cage at the party!

At the party, they granted 1 special wish for an 18 year old boy living with CF. He was given a new Fender guitar! It was so special to see him get his wish granted. At the circus they had two younger children, 1 boy and 1 girl, who were special guests. The boy was dressed so nice in a tux and was the honorary Ringmaster and the little girl was dressed in clown gear!

There was so much to do at the Magic Moments party. The first thing Little N wanted to do was become a Tiger. So we headed to the face painting line. He was the first "customer" for the clown that did his face, so she gave him a special stuffed frog! She did a fabulous job considering he is a 2 year old and doesn't like to be still. Haha!

Having fun in the bouncy house!

After that, we looked around for a few minutes and he spotted the bouncy houses, so we had to check them out. There were 3 different ones for all ages, but since he is a little one, we decided on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one. He loved it and stayed in there most of the time. They also had small carnival games you could play for prizes (Little N got a race car and an airplane!) and a rock climbing wall, as well as a temporary tattoo and hair coloring booth.

By this time, I was starving, so we went to get some dinner. They had so much food available! There were hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, pizza, and chips as well as cokes and tea to drink. We both had nachos and shared a hot dog - it was yummy! After we ate, Little N wanted to go back and play in the bouncy house again (surprise, surprise!) so we did until it was time to go. Then we headed over to find our seats for the circus!!

The cutest (and yummiest!) centerpieces!

The circus was so much fun! They had everything that I remembered as a kid and Little N loved it. His favorite part was the tigers - there was at least 10 in a cage together. My favorite part was the elephants, but I also enjoyed the tight rope walkers. Little N wasn't too sure about them, he kept telling me that they were going to fall. Thankfully, none of them did, so he was ok. I liked the clown skits, but they didn't seem to keep his attention very long. I was actually surprised that Little N stayed awake the entire time, including the walk out to the car. Overall, we had such a great time and next year Big N and I will take Little N together!

Me and my little man having fun at the circus!


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