Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Valentine's Edition!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! What a wonderful way to start off the week, with just a little extra love in your heart :). I got up extra early this morning to make my loves chocolate chip pancakes! I love starting off the week like this because it sets the pace and mood for the rest of the week.

Last week, we did not follow our menu plan at all! It was a busy and stressful week and unfortunately we ended up eating out several times instead of cooking. I am working on getting myself a good planner (if you have any suggestions - please let me know!) so I can keep up with things a little bit better and be more organized.

Here is my menu for this week:

Monday: Roast, mashed potatoes w/gravy, english peas, creamed corn (requested by my hubby for Valentine's Day!)

Tuesday: Better than Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna (new recipe for me - I've never made lasagna before.)

Wednesday: Chicken Casserole

Thursday: Not sure yet (working at @Mel's)

Friday: Pizza Rolls (delicious recipe from SouthernPlate)

Saturday: Homemade Cheese Pizza

Sunday: Steph's baby shower

Don't forget to check out OrgJunkie for hundreds more menu plans and recipes!



  1. We didn't do so well with our menu plan last week either. I feel better having a plan and not follow it than not have a plan though!

    Looking forward to seeing how your lasagna turns out! Will you be sharing the recipe?

  2. I agree! What we don't end up eating one week, we roll it over to the next so at least it doesn't go to waste.

    Yes, I will be! I will have the recipe along with pictures of the process too!