Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, so I have been terrible about blogging this week! I am working on two different posts, one being my post about the circus, but the pictures that I need are on my computer at home and I do most of my blogging from work. I am going to work on this and promise I will have the circus post up on Monday!

In other news, our weather has been really crazy here lately. This past weekend was beautiful and spring-like. Then yesterday we had rain/sleet/snow/ice and more rain. The traffic was so terrible that it took me over 2 hours to get to daycare to pick up Little N, when it normally takes me 35 minutes (give or take a few depending on my attitude driving that day).

I am really ready for spring to be here so we can get outside and let Little N run off some of his energy before bedtime. Somehow it seems he never gets tired! Wish I could bottle that up and sell it - I would be a billionaire! *sings* I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad. Buy all of the things I never had. Great, now I will be singing that song all night :)

And apparently there is a big football game on this Sunday - the Super Bowl or something - but I'm not really sure? LOL! I actually don't follow pro football at all, but we always watch the Super Bowl. Friends of ours from church host a party every year and it's always a lot of fun, with a lot of yummy food. I am making these really cute Jello Jigglers and something else (haven't decided yet). Hopefully I will have some pics and a funny story or two (or at least a review of the commercials) for you next week!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and enjoy the big game on Sunday!


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  1. Amanda- it's so nice to 'meet' you! I love meeting other bloggers in AL. Your little one is adorable! I'm a mommy of 3 teaching and directing full-time, although some days I wish I could play with my kiddos and blog all day. Thanks for stopping by my blog- I hope you'll visit again! I'm a new follower via GFC.