Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Day

On Valentine's Day, we normally don't buy each other presents or go out to eat. We just like to spend time with each other. I wanted to make sure that both of my Valentine's felt special, so I started off the day with something sweet and fun. I got up extra early yesterday morning to make chocolate chip pancakes. I had a heart shaped cookie cutter, so I used that to make them into hearts! They were both surprised and loved them! I also got Little N a new Mickey Mouse DVD (that came with free Valentine's cards for his class!) and got Big N a card (we normally do a sweet and a funny card for holidays).

Little N had a Valentine's Day party at school at snack time with cupcakes, chips, and fruit cups. He also got to exchange Valentine's Day card with his classmates. He said he had a lot of fun!

For dinner, I made Roast, mashed potatoes (Big N actually made this because he makes them so yummy!), English peas and creamed corn. It was all so yummy! Then Big N surprised me and said we were going to The Shops at Grand River to look for me some new tennis shoes. (a little back story on this - I had back surgery in June and the nerves in my right foot were messed up in the surgery and I don't have control over that foot, so I wear a brace. The brace is a little big, so I have to wear certain shoes that will fit my foot and the brace. Right now I am wearing "old people" shoes because that is all that we could find at the time). So we got in the car and went down to the mall. Love having it just a few minutes away! We looked at both of the shoe stores, but they didn't have any in my size that were "wide". We are going to go and look later on this week/weekend to look at other stores.

We came home after that and we got started on dessert. I decided to make homemade chocolate fondue for the first time! I was so excited about it. I got it going and Big N got the dippers ready on a platter. We had strawberries, pound cake, heart shaped marshmallows, and  bananas to dip in the fondue. It all turned out fantastic and was delicious! I think our favorite dipper was definitely the pound cake!

I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day and spent it with the people that you love and care about most!


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