Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bucket List: Disney World Style

The past few weeks I have been immersing myself once again in all things Disney. Although, different from last year - I have been reading tons of Disney blogs to get ideas, tips and tricks for our trip this year and in the years to come. There has been one thing that really caught my eye on several of the blogs that I have been reading . . . a Disney Bucket List.

I wanted to write a disney bucket list of my own, but once I started putting all the things down I wanted to do, I realized the list would be out of control! Therefore, I have decided to break my list up into several smaller list with specific categories. I will have 5 different lists: Food/Character Dining, Resorts, Rides, Events and Memories.

Basically a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. In this case - these things all have to do with Disney. I LOVE this idea!! I will keep these list and as I am able to do them, I will cross them off and link to the blog post about it.

I also will leave it open and add to it as new things come up and I learn more and more about cool things to do in Disney World!

What is on your Disney bucket list? Do you have any suggestions for me to have on my bucket list?


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  1. You must purchase, take photos, and devour the Kitchen Sink sundae at Beaches & Cream!