Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UnHealthy Obsession

OK, so lately I have been obsessing over something. This something is not very healthy for me either. But I just can't help it - I love it! Alfredo sauce!!!

When we go to an Italian restaurant I always get the Fettuccine Alfredo - no matter what. Now, Big N can't stand it for some reason. I'm not sure what he has against the wonderful, creaminess that is alfredo sauce, but he doesn't like it. So maybe it get it partly to annoy him, but mostly because it tastes so delicious!

At home, I like to eat Bertolli Alfredo Sauce. It tastes so good and is perfect with any kind of pasta! Plus, it so simple and easy to make a meal out of! I just cook up some pasta (penne, fettuccine, whatever I have on hand), drain, then add the sauce to the pot of noodles.

I also found recently that I have been missing out on something really special. I am a big fan of Parmesan cheese (really any cheese!), but about a week ago I bought a tub of real shredded Parmesan cheese to try out. It is fantastic and has such a different taste than what we've been eating. I cannot believe I've never tried it before. It just makes my Alfredo sauce that much better!

Unfortunately for my waist line, this habit of eating this delicious and creamy meal is not very healthy. Although, I haven't felt good in over a week, so I treated myself a couple few several times this week with this yummy meal! I think I will have to moderate my intake to make sure my pants still fit as they should :)



  1. Hahaha, I can't stand Alfredo Sauce but my hubby LOVES it! I do like most other Italian and Mediterranean foods. At home,I use Bertolli sauce and oil for my pasta. Good luck with the moderation of pasta. Cheese and pasta can be enemy...and yet oh so good.

  2. I did the same thing for years and ate the jarred stuff. About a year ago I started making my own alfredo sauce (with real parm) and I will NEVER go back to the jar. It's a tad more expensive to make the real thing, but SOOOOO worth it!
    Here's the recipe I use (on my blog)

  3. Thank you so much for the recipe! It sounds fantastic. I will definetely be trying this out soon!